The Art of Listening

 One workshop from this module that really stood out to me was where we studied the article ‘The art of Listening’ by Carrigan 2014. This workshop really jumped out to me and also really helped with the rest of the research project that we carried out, this is due to the fact that it really made me think about how we carry out research methodology. We are so quick to jump to conclusions within research that listening is of the utmost importance, as a lot of the time we do not listen we just assume, this is extremely important.

We tested out Carrigan’s theory in the food court of Coventry University Students Union; we challenged ourselves to see what we could observe from our surroundings mainly by listening. We sat for 10 minutes with our eyes closed, so that our observation was purely what we could hear, and then we did 10 minutes with our eye open to see the difference of information we could gather. The problem we found about having our eyes closed was that we found it difficult to pin point one single conversation as it was such a busy place, the conversations that did stand out to us were those in a different language, therefore we could not understand them anyway. When we had our eyes open we found it a lot easier to understand a conversation as we could see body language, movements and of course lip reading meaning it was all easier to understand. The only issue that arose with this research was, is it ethical? As would people be upset at the thought of us listening to their conversations and using them for research, therefore it is a grey area. I still found this workshops one of the most vital within the module as it really helped with our research project and helped me understand that we need to have not jumped to pre-assumed conclusions as it could hinder the research.

Megan Daniel


Carrigan, M. (2014) The Art of Listening [online]. N/A: WordPress. Avaliable from: [accessed 10th April 2017]


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