In order to research how creative agency are able to maintain themselves in a post industrial society another interview had to be conducted. Open ended Questions were asked through email, about the two different elements within creative agencies we were specifically looking at. The first being the spatial aspect to maintain themselves and the second was the use of this ‘CA’ within society. The respondent went on to explain how relocating to the canal basin was a deliberate move made by them because it is an affordable space for artists and it forms the best space for new creatives that live in the city. Moreover being part of this creative business has given them the opportunity to draw on the strengths of other companies such as services like digital art, graphic design and photography.

We then went on to ask what they believed their role in society was, and the response was that they are a charitable organisation that aims to benefit society and the people in it, every single one of their projects is unique which ultimately gives them that critical edge over other companies. What I took out of this interview is that the art and work that takes place at mercurial dance does have a social impact which is why they have had the support from Coventry city council to deliver projects that benefit the public.




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